Texas Legislators File Bills Related to Incorporation

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State legislators have introduced state bills relating to incorporation on behalf of The Woodlands Township for consideration during the 85th Legislative Session.

Two Senate Bills, authored by Senator Brandon Creighton, and two House Bills, authored by Representative Mark Keough, were recently filed on behalf of The Woodlands Township. One of each Senate and House Bill are identical and thus referred to as companion bills.

House Bill 2110 and Senate Bill 1015, companion bills, relate to the procedures for incorporation and establishment of another form of local government for certain areas subject to a regional participation agreement. House Bill 2183 and Senate Bill 1014 are also companion bills which relate to The Woodlands Township. To view the full text of each filed bill, please visit the Texas Legislature Online website at

“Both are these bills are very important in the steps of future governance in The Woodlands,” said Gordy Bunch, Chairman of the Board of The Woodlands Township. “It is very important for this Board to look at the important decisions being made today to protect the interests of our residents and businesses today and into the future.”

While authority is granted to incorporate under existing statutes for The Woodlands Township and Regional Participation Agreements to which the Township is a party, state law does not provide specific statutory language for incorporation of an area with the population and size of the Township. The legislation was introduced to clarify existing state statues and to pave the way for a smooth transition from a Township form of government to a municipal government.

A provision was also included that upon the calling of an incorporation election by The Woodlands Township Board of Directors, the election order would include the initial not to exceed property tax that sets a maximum tax levy for the new city which would then be approved by voters.

The Woodlands Township Board of Directors recently held a strategic planning session to discuss matters relating to incorporation; further action will be taken at a Board of Directors meeting in April.

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