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The Woodlands Arts Council unveils five new Art Bike Racks

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The Woodlands Arts Council (TWAC) revealed five inspiring new Art Bike Racks on October 26, 2023 at a celebration attended by artists and underwriters held at the Woodforest Bank Club at The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion. This brought the total number of public art benches and bike racks in The Woodlands to 36.

View photos from the celebration on the Hello Woodlands Facebook page:

We are proud to announce the installation of five new art-inspired bike racks in our community,” said Jenny Carattini-Wright, Executive Director of The Woodlands Arts Council. “We congratulate the artists and underwriters on their beautiful contribution to The Woodlands collection of public art and would like to thank The Woodlands Township for their enduring partnership.”


The five new Art Bike Racks include:

Photography by Joan Tilton; 5th Symphony Hedge by Carolina Gonzalez

5th Symphony Hedge

Artist: Carolina Gonzalez

In trying to merge nature and music for a practical bike rack for the Pavilion, what better musical notes on a hedge next to a violin than the opening motif of the 5th Symphony? “This is the sound of fate knocking at the door,” said Beethoven.

Even though Carolina Gonzalez has been an interior muralist for over 20 years, she has always wanted the opportunity to create art pieces in public areas. The fact that a “usable” item can also tell a story or be an artistic expression and simultaneously “beautify” a public area is just brilliant to her.

Underwriter: The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion

Location: In front of The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion

Photography by Joan Tilton; Joyous Journey by Jana Zaatreh

Joyous Journey

Artist: Jana Zaatreh

“Joyous Journey” is designed to be the Highlight of the Path, a heartfelt homage to the underwriter’s beloved mother, Nana. Inspired by the bead maze toy, it aims to infuse vibrant interactivity into a functional art piece. By allowing the beads to rotate and some to slide along the wire freely, the colorful bike rack evokes a sense of intrigue, inclusiveness, and playfulness in those who encounter it.

Jana Zaatreh, an architectural engineer and internationally-represented artist, proudly calls The Woodlands, TX, her artistic home.

Underwriter: The Family of Chris & Jayla Davis, In Loving Memory of Nana (Nola)

Location: Riva Row, behind the Boat House

Photography by Joan Tilton; Faith, Hope & Joy by Robert Heinzelman

Faith, Hope & Joy

Artist: Robert Heinzelman

Biking in the Woodlands is such a popular activity that this bike rack should be very popular as well. The three riders can be seen to express Faith, Hope, and Love.

“We have faith that art can not only evoke feelings, but also be super functional. We hope others will be inspired when they come across this bike rack. We love being able to bring additional beauty to this area” said underwriter James Stilwell.

Underwriters: James, Janet, Sarah, & Maggie Stilwell

Location: Hughes Landing, in front of Starbucks

Photography by Joan Tilton; TWTX by Michelle Old, Stacy Moore, & Kevin Giuseppetti


Artists: Michelle Old, Stacy Moore, & Kevin Giuseppetti

The Woodlands is known for the abundance of nature and strong sense of community. The artists of this bike rack believe that art and design should speak of the beauty of life and nature as well as be able to evoke positive emotions. They want their art to be a reminder of how much art can influence the community.

Underwriters: Chris & Jenny Elmi, The Elmi Group

Location: The Woodlands Mall basin ring

Photography by Joan Tilton; Reflections by Michelle Old, Stacy Moore, & Kevin Giuseppetti


Artists: Michelle Old, Stacy Moore, & Kevin Giuseppetti

Underwriters: The Rieser Family Foundation

Location: Coming soon! (Waterway Square)

TWAC began the Public Art program in 2015 to seek local, national, and international artists and designs for permanent installations along The Woodlands Waterway. Over the last eight years, we have grown our public art collection to 30 Art Benches and now 6 Art Bike Racks. Each of these unique creations invites our community to contemplate the art of sculpture. These pieces have become the backdrops for some of life’s most significant moments: marriage proposals, family photos, and some of the simplest: a child enjoying a library book and a shared conversation with a neighbor. Our new additions (Art Bike Racks) contain beauty and serve a necessary purpose for our community.

The Woodlands Art Benches and Art Bike Racks can be found from The Woodlands Mall to The Woodlands Waterway, Town Green Park, and Hughes Landing on Lake Woodlands.

“Are you ready to take a bike ride and experience something new and different at one of these art bike rack destinations?” invites James Stilwell, Immediate Past President of TWAC Board and Public Art Bench & Bike Rack underwriter. “Discovering public art you can interact with — like our Art benches and these new Art bike racks, transforms what is ordinary into the extraordinary. Functional art beckons us with a siren song to experience and enjoy something we recognize but in a new and different way.”

To see photos of all 30 Art Benches and 6 Art Bike Racks, download a map of the locations, and read more about the artists and their inspiration, visit

The Woodlands Arts Council is the producer of The Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival set for April 12-14, 2024. To join the Art Lover’s program or to donate, visit the website at


The Woodlands Arts Council provides regional, cultural, and educational enrichment opportunities that encourage, support and promote the visual and performing arts in our community. From the award-winning Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival to public art installations and the year-round community and educational outreach programs of Because Art Matters, the council has one primary goal … making our community better, Because Art Matters!