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The Woodlands Family YMCA to Host Holiday Blood Drive

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This holiday season, be a blood donor and Give the Gift of Life. Every blood donation can save up to 3 Lives. With no substitute for blood, the role of donors in sustaining a huge range of medical care is essential.

The Woodlands Family YMCA Blood Donor coach addressing needs of Local Hospitals


Unfortunately, as the pace of life accelerates, value systems shift, and communication channels fragment, blood banks are more frequently struggling to keep the blood supply up to meet demand. Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center needs to collect a minimum of 1000 units of blood EACH DAY in order to provide necessary blood products for patients around the Houston area. Every blood donor counts!

Five Reasons Why Blood Donations are So Important.

  1. It’s an act of kindness & compassion
  2. The Need is GREAT
  3. Supply can’t always meet demand
  4. It takes less than 60 minutes to save lives.
  5. Someday, you may need someone to do the same for you.




The YMCA is Here for You. The Woodlands Family YMCAs, in collaboration with Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center, will host the Blood Donor Coach once a month, to help address the critical needs of blood supply for local hospitals. FREE Hoodie for ALL Donors in December and January.

Branch Crossing YMCA, 8100 Ashlane Way in The Woodlands

Shadowbend YMCA, 6145 Shadowbend Place in The Woodlands

Collecting blood is a marathon, not a sprint. Blood donors are needed to consistently give now and in the future. Your donation could mean the difference between life and death for someone, and that’s why we’re so grateful for you. Thank you for helping us save lives when patients need you the most.

All donors are encouraged to register online for your preferred time and date. Walk Ups are welcomed. Please remember to Eat, Drink, and Bring I.D. For more information visit or call Roxanne Davis, 281-681-6730.