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The Woodlands Township congratulates Hall of Fame Coach Ron Eastman

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THE WOODLANDS, TEXAS – The Woodlands Township Board of Directors held a regular meeting on Wednesday, December 6, 2017, at The Woodlands Township Town Hall, 2801 Technology Forest Boulevard.

Before addressing agenda items, the Board of Directors issued a proclamation congratulating The Woodlands High School Baseball Coach Ron Eastman for his induction into the National High School Coaches Hall of Fame.

The Board of Directors took the following actions on the Consent Agenda:

  • Received Administrative Reports from Township departments;
  • Approved an agreement with CrewSense Staffing Solutions for The Woodlands Fire Department overtime call back system;
  • Approved a renewal and modification to the Fire Services Dispatch Agreement with Montgomery County Fire Chiefs Association;
  • Affirmed the officers of the Township Board of Directors as authorized signers on the Township’s bank accounts;
  • Passed a resolution authorizing changes to The Woodlands Township 401a Retirement Plan;
  • Approved the 2018 Glade Arts Foundation Service Agreement;
  • Approved the First Amendment to a Memorandum of Understanding between The Woodlands Township, Harris/Montgomery Counties Municipal Utilities District 386 and the Timarron Lakes Community Association, Inc.;
  • Approved renewal of the Memorandum of Understanding with the City of Shenandoah for shared area services;
  • Passed Resolution No. 024-17 Establishing Authorization Limits for Commitments and Agreements, Checks and Disbursements, and Other Documents and Materials by the Board of Directors, Board Officers, President/General Manager and Other Designated Staff Positions of The Woodlands Township;

The Board of Directors then moved on to take the following actions on the Regular Agenda:

  • Approved an extension of the term for the Ad Hoc Economic Development Committee and affirmed Chairman Bunch’s appointments of Secretary Ann Snyder, Director John McMullan and Director Carol Stromatt to the Committee;
  • Approved an extension of the term for the Drainage Task Force and affirmed Chairman Bunch’s selection of Director Bruce Rieser to serve as Chair of the Task Force.
  • Affirmed Chairman Bunch’s appointment of Vice Chair John McMullan, Treasurer John Anthony Brown and Director Carol Stromatt and to the Audit Committee for 2018;
  • Appointed Director Bruce Rieser, Director Brian Boniface, Director John Anthony Brown, and Township President / General Manager Don Norrell to serve on the Board of Directors of The Woodlands Convention and Visitors Bureau in accordance with the Bylaws and approved reappointment of Nick Wolda to serve as President of The Woodlands Convention and Visitors Bureau;
  • Appointed Director Carol Stromatt to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Council;
  • Appointed Treasurer John Anthony Brown to the Law Enforcement Advisory Council;
  • Appointed Township Transit Program Manager Chris LaRue to represent the Township   on the Project Ambassadors Committee (PAC) for the IH-45 North Planning and Environmental Linkages (PEL) Study;
  • Appointed by election Brian Boniface and Treasurer John Anthony Brown to the Development Standards Committee (DSC);
  • Appointed Jayson Garcia of The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel & Convention Center and Kim Lowe from Howard Hughes Corporation to the Booking and Blocking Committee;
  • Appointed Secretary Ann Snyder, Vice Chair John McMullan and Chairman Gordy Bunch to an Incorporation Planning Study Proposal Task Force to review proposals submitted in response to the RFQ for Governance/Incorporation Planning;
  • Approved a resolution casting the Township’s vote for Michael Keck in the Harris County Appraisal District Board of Directors Election;
  • Received and accepted a presentation from Webb Management regarding Phase II of the Cultural Arts Feasibility Study;
  • Received and accepted an update from The Woodlands Convention and Visitors Bureau regarding the Waterway Cruisers;
  • Approved a plan to have Director Bruce Rieser, Director John McMullan and staff interview the top four firms that responded to the Request for Proposals and Qualifications for Professional Engineering Services for Drainage/Spring Creek Watershed and to bring a recommendation forward to the Board at the next Board meeting;
  • Selected Rob Eissler/Schlueter Group as a government relations consultant for 2018 and authorized an agreement in connection therewith;
  • Tabled changes to The Woodlands Township Personnel Policy Manual related to the nepotism policy;
  • Approved the reclassification of the Fire Prevention Officer position;
  • Approved a Memorandum of Understanding with Mobike for a Bike Share program;

For more information on The Woodlands Township, or to view the meeting in its entirety, please visit, or call 281-210-3800. 

Photo: At the December 6, 2017 board meeting, The Woodlands Township Board of Directors recognized The Woodlands High School Baseball Coach Ron Eastman on being inducted into the National High School Coaches Hall of Fame. Pictured above, left to right, Township Treasurer John Anthony Brown; Township Secretary Dr. Ann Snyder; Township Director Bruce Rieser; The Woodlands High School Baseball Coach Ron Eastman; Township Chairman Gordy Bunch; Township Director Brian Boniface; Township Director Carol Stromatt and Township Vice Chairman John McMullan.

SOURCE: The Woodlands Township