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Township Holds Board Meeting, Recognizes Re-elected Directors and Elects Officers

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THE WOODLANDS, TX – The Woodlands Township Board of Directors held a Regular Board Meeting on November 17, 2021, at 6 p.m., at the office of The Woodlands Township, 2801 Technology Forest Blvd, The Woodlands, Texas, to seat re-elected directors, elect officers for the year and to discuss other items of interest to the community.

The Woodlands Township Board Directors Bob Milner Shelley Sekula Gibbs 2021
PHOTO: Judge Kristin Bays administers the oaths of office to re-elected Township directors Dr. Shelley Sekula-Gibbs, Dr. Ann K. Snyder and Bob Milner.

Following recognition of public officials and public comment:

  • The Board accepted the forms of the Oaths of office, Official Bonds and Statements of Elected/Appointed Officers for the newly elected Directors of The Woodlands Township.
  • Judge Kristin Bays of the 284th District Court administered the Oath of Office to re-elected Directors of The Woodlands Township: Dr. Shelley Sekula-Gibbs, Dr. Ann K. Snyder and Bob Milner.




  • The Board elected Officers for the Board of Directors for The Woodlands Township: Chairman Gordy Bunch, Vice Chairman Bruce Rieser, Secretary Dr. Shelley Sekula-Gibbs and Treasurer John Anthony Brown.
  • The Board received reports from Village Association representatives. 
  • Director Bob Milner read a proclamation in support of Small Business Saturday.  View proclamation.

On the regular agenda, the Board:

  • The Board received an update from the Harris County Engineering Department regarding traffic flow/traffic management in the Creekside Green/Kuykendahl area. The Board authorized contracting off duty officers for crosswalk safety at the intersection for the remainder of the school year while additional solutions by Harris County Precinct 4 are studied. These two roads are owned and managed by Harris County. View presentation.
  • The Board conducted interviews of candidates and a briefing on the process for appointments to the Development Standards Committee.
  • The Board received a presentation regarding the storm drain education initiative involving warning decals on the inlets. Township’s Environmental Services encourages residents to remember to keep waterways clean and healthy—only rain in the drain. 




The three biggest concerns are pet waste, yard debris and lawn chemicals.  “Pet waste can create high bacteria levels in our waterways,” said John Geiger, Environmental Services Manager. “Please pick up your pet’s waste, no matter where it’s deposited, AND throw it in the trash. These steps will help resolve this issue.”

Regarding yard debris, Geiger encourages residents to keep debris out of ditches and streets. It clogs storm drains which increases flooding and worsens mosquito breeding. Instead, mow your leaves and let them lie on your lawn as a great nutrient source or use them as mulch in your plant beds. And lastly, lawn chemicals. Rain and sprinklers can wash fertilizer, herbicides and pesticides off your lawn into storm drains and, ultimately, into waterways. This harms fish and other organisms and endangers human health. Please don’t overuse chemicals, never apply when rain is forecast, and consider organic alternatives to fertilizer like compost. Click here for the presentation.

  • Received a briefing on noise and lighting concerns at Northshore Park. The Board approved stationing a Park Ranger at the park from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. seven days a week and for staff to bring back other potential options to mitigate the complaints for future consideration
  • Received an update regarding coyotes in the Village of Creekside Park.  View presentation.
  • Appointed newly elected Directors to The Woodlands Township Economic Development Zone Board of Directors. 
  • Received a briefing on the process for Board and Committee appointments at the December Board meeting.




On the consent agenda, the Board:

  • Awarded a bid for Cranebrook Park Pavilion Replacement (C-2021-0420).  
  • Awarded a bid for unleaded fuel bulk supply (C-2021-0445). 

The Township Board meeting was followed by a Special Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Economic Development Zone (EDZ), during which the EDZ Board: 

  • Approved the forms of the Oaths of Office, Officials Bonds and Statements of Elected/Appointed Officers of newly appointed Directors of The Woodlands Township Economic Development Zone. 
  • Elected Officers for The Woodlands Township Economic Development Zone Board of Directors to be the same as the officers for the Township Board of Directors. 




  • Accepted the minutes from the November 18, 2020, Special Meeting for the Board of Directors for The Woodlands Township Economic Development Zone.
  • Accepted the financial report for The Woodlands Township Economic Development Zone.

Meetings may be watched live online or viewed later via recording at The agenda and attachments may be viewed at