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Township to open tennis courts within social distancing limits

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THE WOODLANDS, TS (April 23, 2020) – The Woodlands Township Board of Directors has approved the opening of tennis courts in the Township beginning Friday, April 24, 2020.

Chairman Bunch said The Woodlands Township Board of Directors is meeting weekly to determine how to open the Township facilities for residents and other needs of the town.

“This is the first step in moving forward to open The Woodlands facilities,” said Township Chairman Gordy Bunch. “We’re closely following the guidelines set forth at the national, state and county levels. As we open facilities, we strongly encourage to our residents to use sound judgment of protecting yourself, practicing good hygiene, and respecting fellow residents.”

The opening of the courts will be done in compliance with social distancing guidelines by removing nets on courts next to each other to keep participant numbers to a minimum. Tennis courts with a two-court system will have one net removed, while three-court systems will have the center net removed. At this time, no programs or court reservations will be offered.

As a reminder to residents, all trails and pathways are open to residents to enjoy the outdoors and get exercise, and doing so should be done according to CDC guidelines for social distancing.

Source: The Woodlands Township