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Hurricane Harvey Church Thief Found and Arrested

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The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that Blake Mayon, a suspect in the theft from Dacus Baptist Church where he was staying after Hurricane Harvey, has been arrested.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office first reported that a theft occurred at the Dacus Baptist Church located at 5403 N FM 1486, Montgomery, TX 77356 that was used as a shelter for victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Two Hurricane Harvey victims, Blake Mayon and Naomi Johnston, were living at the church due to the destruction they suffered as a result of Hurricane Harvey. The church provided the family with a place to live at the church and keys to the church so they could come and go and have a sense of normalcy. The church even gave Blake a job at the church doing odd jobs. The church also purchased a white Dodge truck for Blake so he could get a job and provide for his family. 

During Blake and Naomi’s stay at the church personnel began noticing tools and others items were missing. Shortly thereafter, Blake and Naomi disappeared without notice. Through the course of the investigation, Deputies discovered numerous of the same items stolen from the church were pawned by Blake. 

Today the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office shared that Mayon was stopped on traffic by Deputies after leaving Wal-Mart on Walden Road and Highway 105. During the traffic stop and investigation, Deputies found additional stolen property in his vehicle. Mayon was arresting by Deputies and charged with Felony Theft and is currently in the Montgomery County Jail.

UPDATE: “As a result of the work done by Detectives with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, Naomi Johnston has been arrested for her involvement in the Dacus Baptist Church Theft. Ms. Johnston was charged with felony theft and is currently in the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Jail.”

Source: Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, case#17A383499.