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Litter Cleanup Day, GreenUp: Fall Sweep scheduled for September 5

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In light of the cancellation of Earth Day GreenUp in March, the Township encourages residents to help beautify their community on Saturday, September 5, 2020, as part of the community litter cleanup project, GreenUp: Fall Sweep. Earth Day GreenUp volunteers remove an estimated 9,000 gallons or 94 curbside carts worth of litter annually. Cancellation of the March event leaves potential for litter to remain hidden in the community’s forest.

GreenUp: Fall Sweep is a socially-distanced, self-guided volunteer opportunity for individuals and family groups to target litter on pathways, waterways and natural areas. No registration is required and equipment is not provided. For suggested cleanup sites and safety tips, please visit

How Fall Sweep Works:

  1. Gather your family and ready your gloves, bags and outdoor gear for an hour or two of community beautification.
  2. Choose any location you like. Some suggested sites are listed on the website.
  3. Clean up litter along pathways and in the tree lines. Report large or hazardous items to the Township through the 311 App or by calling 281-210-3800 during normal business hours.
  4. Dispose of full bags at home or in a park trash can. Tie your trash bags tightly to protect sanitation workers. Avoid causing more litter by not overstuffing park trash cans.
  5. Share your success by posting a photo on social media using#GreenUpFallSweep.

The mission of The Woodlands Township Environmental Services Department is to empower informed choices for the sustained health of our community and environment. The department coordinates a wide variety of programs that provide information and resources for healthy, sustainable living. For more information, please visit or call 281-210-3800.

Source: The Woodlands Township


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