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NobleMotion Dance performs “Escape Velocity” at Glade Arts Foundation

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THE WOODLANDS, TX – NobleMotion Dance performs Escape Velocity: Dance, Design, A.I., an immersive evening of daring jungle gym choreography that premieres at the Glade Arts Foundation in The Woodlands, Texas August 12-14. NobleMotion has partnered with industrial artist Jared Doster, A.I. projection designer Jeremy Stewart, and photographer Lynn Lane to create a one-hour journey that transports the audience throughout the gallery. Doster’s climbable sculptures allow the dancers to vault, swing, and flip. It’s a physically exciting show; think dance meets parkour with a dash of cirque.

NobleMotion Dance Glade Arts Foundation

There are four gallery performance locations – each offering a different challenge to the dancers. The Cube is a climbable structure that explores the concept of framing space. The A.I. Room uses machine learning to reinterpret dancers’ movements and is projected into the space. The dancers in turn, move through the audience as they respond to the A.I. Two Walls takes advantage of The Glade’s unique environment and plays with entrances and exits. And finally, the audience is brought together for Ziggurat, a 12-foot spinning sculpture that requires teamwork. Escape Velocity is both athletic and communal – a truly unique performance experience in a gallery setting where each viewer is on top of the action.

The small batch audience is broken into 3 groups—each going on a different performance trajectory. Choreographer Andy Noble states, “you could go to the show three times and see a completely different show. It’s a fun set-up.”




Artistic Directors Andy and Dionne Noble will collaborate with the dancers to create the bulk of the choreography. To mix it up, guest artists Mike Esperanza, Evelyn Toh Paoli, and Travis Lake have been invited to each choreograph a section as well. “Creatively speaking, this set up is such a unique endeavor, we wanted to share the opportunity with other talented artists,” states Dionne Noble.  

Performers include Rachel Cox Culver, Colette Kerwick, Kalli Loudan, Lindsey McGill, Tyler Orcutt, Jacob Regan, Abby Schafer, Lauren Serrano, Angelica Villa, Allison Wallace, Dillon Bell, Justin Curry, and Evan Warner. Original music is composed by Travis Lake and light design is by Bryan Ealey.




NobleMotion Dance, a Texas premiere dance company, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit performing arts organization. In 2009, NobleMotion exploded onto the Houston dance scene and has since received critical acclaim for their “extraordinary athleticism” and “cutting edge” programming. NobleMotion Dance seeks to make work that is emotionally daring and honest; inspires discourse and understanding amongst diverse communities; and integrates dance, theatre and technology in unique ways. Artistic directors Andy Noble and Dionne Sparkman Noble are long time collaborators who have been entertaining audiences for over twenty years. NobleMotion also offers education and outreach programs for all ages including young artists programs, master classes, open rehearsals, and lecture/ demonstrations. For more information about NobleMotion Dance, please visit us at