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Nonprofit of the Month: Ruby’s Home for Good

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The Hello Woodlands Nonprofit of the Month is brought to you by Randy Lovelace of Paragon Independent Insurance Agencies and highlights a local nonprofit organization that serves the Montgomery County community.

The nonprofit of the month is Ruby’s Home for Good, an organization that brings together horses and humans to share the many benefits of partnership-based horsemanship. The nonprofit promotes best practices for equine wellness and experiences that are mutually beneficial for both people and horses. Read our interview below with Adam Litun, President – Board of Directors of Ruby’s Home for Good.

Ruby's Home for Good Montgomery County Texas


Tell us about your organization. What is the organization’s story?

Ruby’s Home for Good was formed in 2017 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. The founding team, including current Program Director Erin Malia, had significant experience in both the general equine industry as well as with therapeutic horsemanship programs. Seeing the benefits that interacting with horses brought to people of all ages and all abilities, the team saw the opportunity to do more for both horses and humans by starting a nonprofit with a unique mission. This new mission centers the needs of the horse while also offering partnership-based horsemanship, which facilitates the physical and mental wellbeing of both the horse and the participant.

All too often in the equine industry, the wellbeing and needs of the horse are secondary to the horse’s ability to do a job. The things that make horses feel safe and secure—permanence, consistency, awareness, even appropriate care—often are not aligned with the knowledge, expectations or desires of the human. When the best interests of the horse are compromised, the horse is at risk. Ultimately, a horse that is not in a safe, permanent home that prioritizes appropriate care is a horse that is at risk of significant, inhumane suffering.

The partnership-based model that Ruby’s promotes creates an environment where people can learn about equine behavior, body language, communication, and overall needs. In over 20 years as a horse owner and equine professional, Erin has seen not only the wide-reaching benefits of spending time with horses, but also the many ways we can improve the experience for both horse and human. By putting the needs of the horse ahead of their own, participants in Ruby’s programs not only better understand their horse partner, but also develop a better understanding of themselves. Developing and strengthening this partnership is where both horses and humans thrive.

Ruby's Home for Good Magnolia Texas

How did the organization start?

We knew we wanted to make a difference for horses in need and offer a special opportunity for people to partner with a horse. As we were laying the foundation of the organization in 2017, we decided to start by helping a horse in need. Unfortunately, there are a significant number of such horses in our community and across the country, so we didn’t have to look to far. We became aware of Ruby, an American Mustang mare, who at the time had been at a high risk of slaughter for the horse meat industry. Ruby was born in captivity to a wild mustang mother who had been captured in New Mexico by the Bureau of Land Management. After spending several years traveling the country under many different owners who had no interest in caring for Ruby’s most basic needs, we adopted Ruby with a commitment to give her a safe and permanent home. The story of Ruby that we are able to share is the same story of so many horses who are often forgotten.

What is your mission and why?

Ruby’s Home for Good improves the quality of life for horses in need and promotes mutually beneficial relationships between people and horses.

Ruby's Home for Good

When Ruby first came to us, she was rightfully mistrusting of people and other horses. Prior to her rescue, she did not have the opportunity to feel safe or have positive experiences. Through Erin’s many experiences in the horse industry, she saw time and again horses like Ruby whose needs were not being met. Even the best intentions can fall short when people are not educated on the specific mental, physical, and species-specific needs of horses. Horses can and do thrive under the right care and circumstances. As a result of such care, today Ruby is a delightful partner for all of our participants—engaging, trusting, playful and loving. She has recovered from her prior trauma and to see her thriving is an amazing feeling. Every horse deserves the same.

Likewise, the growth of our participants is very rewarding. In offering our partnership-based model, we have heard time and again the benefits they experience as well as their appreciation for our horses. Parents see kids grow in empathy, patience, confidence and social skills. Veterans have shared with us their new awareness in how they interact with others and an improved sense of self, better communication with family & colleagues, and an overall sense of improved peace and wellbeing.

Most people are unaware of the amazing benefits that horses and specifically partnership-based horsemanship can offer. Many of the currently available avenues where people can interact with horses, whether through sport, recreation or therapy, fall short in recognizing the full value of seeing and experiencing the true nature of the horse. There is tremendous depth in what we can learn from them through interactions in a safe, positive environment.




Who and where do you serve?

We serve community members who are interested in connecting with a horse, connecting with nature, and reconnecting with themselves. People who would like to learn about horses, learn a new skill, and enjoy being outdoors. To date, we have focused on serving military veterans, their families, as well as youth in the community, but our mission is all-inclusive. If you would like to experience the many benefits of partnership-based horsemanship, Ruby’s can help.

We recently started a community outreach and education program geared towards local horse owners. For those who may be new to horse ownership, those who have recently adopted rescue horses, or experienced equestrians looking to broaden their skills, we provide training, education, and support to make your unique situation a win for both you and your horse partner. Through this program, we improve outcomes where horses have lasting safety and wellbeing with owners who enjoy positive interactions with their equine companions.

Ruby’s operates out of a private facility in Magnolia and offers services by appointment only.

Ruby's Home for Good Equine Therapy for Kids Adults Veterans in North Houston The Woodlands Magnolia Conroe Montgomery County Texas

What programs and services do you offer?

Our Veterans Horsemanship program offers both a one-off beneficial experience for Veterans and their families as well as a structured horsemanship course for those interested in more in depth learning about safe and positive horse-human interactions.

For young people, we offer a Youth Foundation course. This is a curriculum-based program applicable for youth of any experience level. Several times throughout the year (generally over the summer months as well as coinciding with school holiday breaks) we also offer small group play days and multi-day equine experiences.

Our class are limited to small groups for personalized experiences in a peaceful environment.

Due to community interest, we have expanded our services to include wellness retreats. These experiences allow participants to spend time in nature and with horses while improving self-awareness, mindfulness, regulation, communication, and stress relief. Our retreats are available to the general public and can be catered to specialty groups including those with health challenges, loss, or other circumstances.




What makes this organization unique?

While most equestrian activities are primarily focused on human gain or interest, our focus is on mutually beneficial experiences that prioritize both horse and human wellbeing. Our participants benefit from centering the horse’s perspective and creating safe, uplifting experiences for themselves and their equine partner. This not only facilitates a more rewarding experience for all involved, but also opens the door for growth in empathy, relationship-building, patience, communication skills, teamwork, and more.

Ruby's Home for Good Equine Therapy Texas

Further, we promote the wellbeing of all horses by focusing on species-appropriate care and knowledgeable, non-dominance-based handling. Understanding the mental and physical needs of horses is critical for their safety. Learning how to communicate with horses in a way that not only makes sense but feels good to them sets both the horse and the human up for success. The combination of appropriate care and knowledgeable interactions makes a tremendous difference for all involved.

By demonstrating the value of the horse-human partnership and the importance of permanence in a horse’s life, we are growing a community that can break the cycle of horse maltreatment and suffering. Knowledgeable advocates for horses create a protective barrier against unnecessary and inhumane hardship. We can all be part of the solution.

How can the community get involved, volunteer, and support this organization?

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, we rely heavily on donations and community support. If you would like to sponsor Ruby the horse, provide a scholarship for a participant, or support our general operations, we have a variety of opportunities for you to contribute. Donations can be made through our website or mailed to PO Box 133141 The Woodlands, TX 77393.

We would love for you to learn more about our organization and what we have to offer. We welcome opportunities for tours of our facility to see our mission in action.

Ruby’s currently has openings on our Board of Directors, and can always use support from those with experience in fundraising, marketing, public relations and IT.

Contact us if you would like to sign up for an upcoming class or schedule a retreat. We look forward to meeting you.




Where can the community learn more?

Send us your email if you would like to receive our quarterly newsletter.


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