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Sales Tax Holiday on Emergency Preparation Supplies April 22-24

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With the potential for severe weather approaching,, Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar reminds Texans they can purchase certain items tax free during the state’s sales tax holiday for emergency preparation supplies, April 22-24.

“Unfortunately, we can’t predict when the next fire, flood or tornado may strike,” Hegar said. “But we can be prepared, and this tax holiday helps Texans save money while stocking up for emergency situations before they happen.”

Randy Lovelace of Paragon Independent Insurance Agencies, Inc. remembered his experience, sharing, “There is no greater disaster than that of a slow-moving Category 4 or 5 hurricane with a 100-mile wide path of wind and water. Based on ‘personal experience’ (Hurricane IKE), my best advice is to have a pre-planned evacuation route and destination, then when the evacuation order is given…. GET OUT! But if you do stay or must come back immediately after the storm, you should be prepared for what’s left and how to survive.”

Lovelace advises to “Be Prepared!” and “Build a Hurricane Supply Kit and have it stored in a safe place easy to access. Keep in mind all medications as well as pets. Transportation may not be an option due to debris and road blockages so Ration all food and water and don’t leave your shelter unless you must.”

This weekend, there’s no limit on the number of qualifying emergency preparation items you can purchase. These include:

  • batteries, fuel containers and flashlights priced at less than $75;
  • hurricane shutters and emergency ladders priced at less than $300; and
  • portable generators priced at less than $3,000.

Purchases that do not qualify include:

  • batteries for automobiles, boats and other motorized vehicles;
  • camping stoves and camping supplies;
  • chainsaws;
  • plywood;
  • extension ladders and stepladders; and
  • tents

A list of emergency preparation supplies that may be purchased tax free can be found on the Comptroller’s website at

The Comptroller’s office estimates shoppers will save $1.5 million in state and local sales taxes during the tax holiday, approved by lawmakers during the 2015 Texas Legislature.

Lovelace stated, “Be aware that you may not have electricity, water or sewer for several weeks. All retail and grocery stores are closed. No gas stations or even city services exist. If the public has been asked to evacuate, then Emergency medical personnel are there for the First responders needs only and not the public. Communications may be down and even cell phone systems overwhelmed and non-functional. Accept the fact that you are there by yourself with no help which is why the Emergency Supply Kit is so important.”

Get more information about how to prepare and build an emergency supply kit from the National Hurricane Center at

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