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Sheriff Issues Reminder about Credit and Debit Card Skimmers

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With our increasing dependence on debit and credit card transactions, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office provides information to the public regarding skimmers.

In recent years, credit card fraud and identity theft have steadily increased, and many of those crimes involved the use of credit card skimmers. Skimmers have been found on fuel dispensers and ATM’s across the country. Criminals use these devices to secretly steal credit and debit card information, which is used to commit fraud and identity theft.

Photo: Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office

You can protect yourself by taking some simple steps to deter criminals from installing skimmers, and detect skimmers if they have been installed. Please take a moment to watch the videos that have been linked below to educate you on what to look for regarding credit card skimmers.

Follow these simple and easy steps to limit your chances of being a victim to identity theft.

1. Check your account regularly for any suspicious activity.
2. If paying at the pump, use a pump that is close to the attendants. If the pump seal is broken or doesn’t have one DON’T USE IT. If the lock looks tampered don’t use it. 
3. Pay inside when possible. 
4. Check the credit card machine or ATM for any tampering or any skimming device being added to where you insert your credit card. 
Videos on what to look for when using your debit/credit cards.

Source: Lieutenant Scott Spencer, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, Administrative Services Division