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SJRA, HCFCD, and Montgomery County Launch “Know Your Watershed” Campaign

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CONROE, TX — San Jacinto River Authority (SJRA), Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD), and Montgomery County announce the launch of Know Your is designed to help identify a watershed, recognize flow patterns, and provide important water-related facts in a creative way.

It is no surprise that the Greater Houston region ranks in the top ten on the National Weather Service list of U.S. cities that have the most erratic weather conditions. Weather conditions, particularly flooding, can happen quickly and can be determined by weather and drainage conditions in surrounding geographical areas.




The Know Your Watershed campaign is an interactive web platform developed and maintained by SJRA in partnership with local entities. It is designed to educate San Jacinto River Basin residents by engaging them in 1) identifying their watershed 2) recognizing flow patterns 3) observing how water naturally drains throughout the basin, and 4) learning important water-related facts in a creative and entertaining way. Viewers can tap into the flow of information by clicking on an “Address Viewer” link and searching for their location, or take a virtual tour with perky water drop SJ Watershed and her friends by clicking on the “Story Map” feature.

“During recent severe weather events, SJRA realized the need for an effective way to communicate with the public regarding water flow patterns and watershed locations,” said Chuck Gilman, SJRA Director of Water Resources and Flood Management. “Information from Know Your Watershed can help residents understand the potential impact of a given rainfall event and equip people with knowledge to assist in preparation for the next severe weather incident.”

“It is important that residents know the watershed in which they live or work and understand how water flows through our watersheds to help them determine how they could be impacted during heavy rainfall and flooding,” said meteorologist Jeff Lindner, head of HCFCD’s Hydrologic Operations Division. “The Know Your Watershed Tool is a great way to visualize this information.”

“Two years ago, when Hurricane Harvey hit, we experienced firsthand how water unexpectedly flows where it shouldn’t,” said U.S. Congressman Dan Crenshaw. “All levels of government in the region are working on alleviating this problem, but in the meantime, residents should know about the topography of their neighborhood and how it can impact them. The Know Your Watershed campaign is a crucial tool for educating residents and helping them know what to expect should server weather and heavy rainfall to hit.”




“Montgomery County is proud to partner with SJRA on this project to deliver a valuable amount of data to help educate citizens across the entire region,” said Montgomery County Judge Mark J. Keough. “As you navigate through the website you will learn the various tributaries that contribute to our vast watershed. I encourage everyone to take a few minutes to explore knowing your watershed.”

The San Jacinto River Authority’s mission is to develop, conserve, and protect the water resources of the San Jacinto River basin. Covering all or part of seven counties, the organization’s jurisdiction includes the entire San Jacinto River watershed, excluding Harris County. The SJRA is one of two dozen river authorities in the State of Texas, and like other river authorities, its primary purpose is to implement long-term, regional projects related to water supply and wastewater treatment. SJRA receives no money from the state, nor does it collect any type of taxes. If you would like to know more about SJRA, visit