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WJPA Alert: Weather-Related Water Odor

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THE WOODLANDS, Texas – The Woodlands Joint Powers Agency has issued the following alert and statement below regarding a weather-related water odor as of Tuesday, September 10 at 5:02 p.m.:

Some customers in our water service area have reported an odor in their drinking water. The long period of hot weather has impacted chlorine levels in our water supply and, as chlorine residuals go below optimum levels, odor can occur in the drinking water.  

We have been actively flushing the system in these areas to increase chlorine levels and reduce any odor that may have developed in the water mains. We have also brought in a professional water chemistry lab to monitor water quality and ensure the supply is safe and meets all regulatory standards. 

If you experience any color or odor in your household water, please contact our customer service division at 855-h2o-SAVE (855-426-7283) and we will schedule a lab representative to meet with you to review your concerns. 

It is important to emphasize: hot weather can have an adverse impact on our water supply, but all measures are being taken to ensure the safety of the water delivered to your home or business.

Source: The Woodlands Joint Powers Agency