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Behind the News: Tiffany Marascio, Hello Woodlands Director of Content

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Meet Tiffany Marascio, Hello Woodlands Director of Content since 2018. Marascio has lived in The Woodlands for over 30 years. She briefly left to study at the University of Texas at Austin for her undergraduate degree in Studio Art, then returned to raise her family. Marascio then started working for Jennifer Bruse, Co-owner and Founder of Hello Woodlands.

Tiffany Marascio Hello Woodlands Director of Content The Woodlands
Tiffany Marascio, Director of Content at Hello Woodlands

Marascio has known Bruse for over six years. “I kept running into Jennifer at events, and she said to me ‘I really need some help.’ I said ‘Well, then you need to hire me!'” Having owned a small business herself, she understood what Bruse was going through and what she needed.

After working at Hello Woodlands for four years, Marascio quickly took to her role and became the Director of Content. Marascio started by helping with anything she could, and soon after it turned into writing and editing. “I just kept saying, ‘Give me more,’” Marascio recalled. Having never working in media before, she “learned on the job,” with help from the Internet and having Bruse, along and her husband and Co-owner Rod Prado, show her the ropes.

As Director of Content, Marascio decides what is in the “interest of the audience” – The Woodlands and North Houston area. A major principal of how Hello Woodlands works with the public is using sources they know and trust. “We make sure they are trustworthy,” Marascio said. In her role, she also attends many local events to engage with and be an active part of the community. Marascio also helps out by working on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for Hello Woodlands.




From the countless number of stories and press releases Marascio has written in the past four years, one of her most memorable stories is of a family bringing Christmas cheer to kids during lockdown. The story “Letters to Santa in Local Family’s Santa Mailbox Receive Responses from North Pole” highlights a local family who put a mailbox in their front yard for kids to deposit their letters to Santa. The family then took great care to write responses to each letter, complete with custom stationery, written by a “Senior Elf” at the North Pole with an entire backstory and a unique signature.

In addition to that story, she also has another Christmastime favorite story. “Christmastime is my favorite time to write,” Marascio said. “My all time favorite article is the annual ‘Christmas Lights in The Woodlands Area‘ feature. I meet so many people who use it to find new places to go see Christmas lights with family and friends. I like knowing I am bringing joy to them!” To make sure not to disappoint any families, she goes to as many locations as possible to make sure they are still putting lights up, photographs and videos them, and even talks to the owners if possible.

Marascio also enjoys interviewing local residents. “People like to see people like themselves. Seeing who your neighbors are and connecting with them is really important; it brings the community together.” 

Jennifer Bruse, Rod Prado, Tiffany Marascio, Hello Woodlands
The Hello Woodlands Team – Tiffany Marascio, Rod Prado, and Jennifer Bruse

From the construction of new schools, shops, and restaurants, Marascio has watched The Woodlands grow. “I don’t have to leave the Woodlands to go anywhere, and the infrastructure was made for living.”

The best thing about working at Hello Woodlands for Marascio is meeting people. Her job allows her to learn more about her community and meet the people who make it a great place to live. “I love meeting people because everyone has a story,” shared Marascio. In her time working at Hello Woodlands, Marascio has become more mindful of being a part of the community. “I learn all these interesting things about The Woodlands that just have to be highlighted.”

Jae Green is an incoming Senior attending The Woodlands High School, and enjoys writing about her fellow Highlanders in her school’s newspaper. Jae loves being outside in the sun, and running on the Varsity Cross Country and Track Team with her teammates.