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Volunteer Opportunities Available for Clean Water Project

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THE WOODLANDS, TX – Volunteer opportunities are available for residents to assist in a local clean water project with support from The Woodlands Township Environmental Services Department. Volunteers can sign up to help install markers on storm drains.

Woodlands Township Environmental Services Department Drain Marking Volunteers
PHOTO: The Woodlands Township Environmental Services Department will be helping to keep local waterways clean by supporting the Storm Drain Marking Project in Grogan’s Mill Village. Residents interested in volunteering can get more information and a Volunteer Registration Form by emailing

“The project will provide a highly visible means of reminding the public not to allow any kind of material other than rainwater to enter the storm drains. Yard and pet waste, lawn chemicals, oils and litter contribute to poor water quality,” said Neil Gaynor, president of MUD 6 whose service area covers Grogan’s Mill Village in The Woodlands. The Township’s Environmental Services Department is helping to recruit volunteers to mark the 150 drain openings in Grogan’s Mill Village.




Storm drain marking is a great community service or teambuilding activity for volunteers. A local Girl Scout will be marking drains as part of her Gold Award project by engaging fellow troop members, friends, and family. Members of The Woodlands G.R.E.E.N. will also help with the manpower needed to affix several dozen of the markers.

The markers will remind the surrounding neighborhood that the storm drain leads directly to a local waterbody unfiltered. When pollutants enter the storm drain, they very quickly impact water quality, endanger wildlife, and pose health risks to humans. The project is an initiative by Montgomery County Municipal Utility District 6 (MUD 6) and Woodlands Water Agency to help keep local waterways clean.




Interested Township residents can volunteer to help in this important project in Grogan’s Mill by signing up with the Township Environmental Services Department. To request more information or get a link to the Volunteer Registration form, please email, with the subject line “Drain Marking Site Request.” Volunteers will be contacted to arrange pickup of markers and supplies, maps to assigned streets and instructions for installing the markers.