Conroe PD Investigating Assault by Fake Package Delivery Driver

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Law Enforcement is aware of the social media posts being shared online concerning suspects dressed up as package delivery service drivers (Amazon, UPS, Fed-Ex…) going door to door tazing, and choking people in Montgomery County when they answer the door.

The Conroe Police Department is currently investigating an incident that occurred on Wednesday, March 24, 2021, in the Woodland Hills Subdivision in the City of Conroe. A male suspect attacked a homeowner when he answered the front door. The male suspect was wearing a face covering and what appeared to be an Amazon shirt. The suspect fled on foot and was picked up by a 4-door black passenger car with chrome rims. Surveillance cameras in the area have aided in this investigation.

Investigators quickly learned that the suspect was not associated with Amazon and believe this is an isolated and perhaps targeted incident on the victim. To date, there have been no other reported incidents to any law enforcement agencies in Montgomery County and no other information is being released at this time, as this is an active and ongoing investigation.

Below are some tips:
• If you get a bad or nagging feeling, don’t open the door and trust your instincts
• Keep your doors locked at all times.
• Tell children and young teens never to open the door when someone knocks or rings the doorbell. If they notice that someone is at the door, they need to let an adult know.
• Always have your cell phone handy in case you are in danger and have to call 9-1-1.

Source: Sgt. Jeff Smith, Criminal Investigations Division, Conroe Police Department