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Gosling Road widening project set to go out for bid

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SPRING, TX – The Gosling Road widening project is scheduled to go out for bid Friday, May 28, according to Harris County officials. Advertising should last three weeks, with a proposed bid date of Monday, June 21.

The project will widen Gosling Road to a full four-lane boulevard between Creekside Forest Drive in Harris County and Gatewood Reserve Lane on the north side of the project in Montgomery County. It will result in two 12-foot lanes in each direction. The road pavement will be 10-inch jointed reinforced concrete with 8-inch stabilized subgrade.

The widening includes the construction of a 1,817-foot bridge crossing over Spring Creek for the two new southbound lanes. The existing bridge lanes will become the two northbound lanes. The sidewalk and existing 8-foot shoulder along the northbound side will remain. The new southbound bridge will have a safety shoulder for motorists to access in case of vehicle breakdown.

Photo provided by Montgomery County Precinct 3; Gosling project limits
Photo provided by Montgomery County Precinct 3; Gosling project limits

“We are excited to get this very important connector between Harris County and Montgomery County built,” stated Precinct 3 Commissioner James Noack, who partnered with Harris County Precinct 4 Commissioner Jack Cagle on the project. “This is one of the most utilized routes between The Woodlands and Harris County and will greatly improve both safety and mobility for motorists traveling on Gosling. It is great to see leaders in Harris and Montgomery County working together to make this happen.”


Northbound Gosling Road at the intersection with Creekside Forest Drive will be restriped to allow two through lanes of traffic and a left-turn lane. Some minor adjustments will be made to the emergency traffic signal at the intersection with The Woodlands Fire Station No. 8 to account for the new southbound lanes.

Additional detention will be constructed on the north side of the project.

The joint project between Montgomery County Precinct 3 and Harris County Precinct 4 is estimated to cost approximately $8.1 million. Montgomery County’s portion is $4 million.
This is one of the final Precinct 3 road improvement projects being funded by the November 2015 road bond approved by voters.
The project will be contracted to be completed within 429 calendar days upon start of

Source: Cody Grimes, Office of Commissioner James Noack, Montgomery County Precinct 3