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Hello Woodlands Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary

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Hello Woodlands is excited to share that today, February 15th, is our 1 Year Anniversary!

Our team is thrilled to have the support from YOU and our community as its local online news source that reaches OVER 400,000 every month! Since day one, Hello Woodlands has been hard at work to cover the news, form relationships with local residents and organizations, share credible unbiased content, and become Montgomery County’s #1 news source.

How did Hello Woodlands get started?

Meet the Founder

Who is Hello Woodlands and what all do we do?

  1. Hello Woodlands is your LOCAL news source for what’s happening in and around The Woodlands, Texas for Breaking News, Events, Traffic, Weather, Food & Drink, Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty, Fitness, Health, Family, Business, People, Politics, and so much more.
  2. Hello Woodlands is an ONLINE news source that shares information on our website, weekly email newsletter (subscribe HERE!), and social media with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at @HelloWoodlands.
  3. Hello Woodlands broadcasts LIVE videos using Facebook and Instagram. Follow us to discover breaking news and what’s happening at events near you!
  4. Hello Woodlands loves to work with local organizations, non-profits, businesses, and events in order to share what’s happening and to SUPPORT our community.
  5. Hello Woodlands has an online interactive CALENDAR of events sharing what’s happening today, this week, month, and year in Montgomery County. View the calendar here and submit an event online here.
  6. Hello Woodlands is an UNBIASED nonpartisan news source. We don’t take sides, share opinion columns, or write reviews. Our team works hard to share the facts and credible, confirmed news. No, you cannot pay us to write an article. No, you will not see political ads on our website!
  7. Hello Woodlands brings awareness to local nonprofit organization on our Charity page and highlights programs, events, and how the community can get involved.
  8. Hello Woodlands offers advertising to effectively promote businesses, organizations and events. Please click here to learn more.
  9. Hello Woodlands was created, owned, and run by LOCALS who live in The Woodlands, Texas. We love to support our local residents, businesses and organizations based in Montgomery County!
  10. Hello Woodlands wants to hear from YOU! We want to be your local news source that educates the community about what’s happening and brings everyone together. Please contact us on our website, by email at, or on our social media pages.

Celebrate By Supporting Hello Woodlands

  1. Visit for your local news, events, and information.
  2. Subscribe to our weekly email newsletter (subscribe here)
  3. Follow us on social media with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at @HelloWoodlands.
  4. Tune in when Hello Woodlands broadcasts LIVE videos with using Facebook and Instagram. Follow us to discover breaking news and what’s happening at events near you!
  5. Visit our calendar of events to discover what’s happening today, this week, month, or year in Montgomery County. View here and be sure to tell us about an upcoming event here.
  6. Are you passionate about a charity or nonprofit organization? Visit our Charity page and share more information with us.
  7. Ready to effectively promote your business, organization or event? Please contact us here today.
  8. Tell your family and friends about Hello Woodlands!

Thank you for supporting and following Hello Woodlands in our first year! We are thrilled to have you on board and look forward to another amazing year.