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MUD 7 Pays Off All Outstanding Bonds

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THE WOODLANDS, Texas – Montgomery County Municipal Utility District No. 7 (MUD 7) recently paid off all its outstanding water, wastewater and drainage bonds.

A February 2018 early redemption payment saved MUD 7 approximately $25,000 in interest and fully retired all outstanding debt.

Since its creation in 1971, MUD 7 has issued $26,165,000 in bonds to finance its water, wastewater and drainage infrastructure. As debt has been paid off, MUD 7 has reduced its tax rate over 80 percent to its current tax rate of $0.1645 per $100.

For more information on MUD 7, or any other MUD managed by The Woodlands Joint Powers Agency, please call James M. Stinson, PE, General Manager at 855-h2o-save.


Source: The Woodlands Joint Powers Agency