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Three Heroes Recognized by Shenandoah Police Department

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SHENANDOAH, TX – On October 28, 2018 at 8:41 p.m., Shenandoah Police Department was dispatched to the Twin Peaks Restaurant in Shenandoah, in reference to a disturbance with weapons call. A male victim, Christopher Kiker, sustained a gunshot wound to his upper thorax as a result of an altercation with another man, Jason Goldsmith. Gavin Hoffmeyer, a Twin Peaks employee heard a woman yelling saying that someone had been shot and that she was calling the police. Hoffmeyer found the victim laying on the ground with an apparent gunshot wound and immediately began placing towels over the victim’s wound in an attempt to control the bleeding until officer’s arrival. Hoffmeyer was also able to obtain valuable information concerning the victim’s assailant and informed police officers of that information when they arrived.

From left to right: DPS Trooper Brian Fratus, Gavin Hoffmeyer, and SPD Officer Cedric McDuffie.

Officers including SPD Officer Cedric McDuffie and Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper Brian Fratus arrived on scene and promptly took over from Hoffmeyer. Officer McDuffie and Trooper Fratus utilized their training to begin administering emergency care. McDuffie deployed advanced lifesaving equipment from his patrol unit while Trooper Fratus examined and moved the victim into a recovery position. Trooper Fratus was able to obtain valuable recorded evidentiary statements while ensuring the victim was able to continue breathing on his own. Officer McDuffie’s medical equipment, including a lifesaving chest seal and a hemostatic wound sealer, enabled the two law enforcement officers to deploy critical emergency care to the victim. This care most likely contributed to victim’s ability to stay alive long enough to be taken to a level 1 trauma care center where his life was saved.




In presenting a civilian service award to Hoffmeyer, an 18-year-old Lone Star College student, Shaw said the young man showed great bravery. “Gavin Hoffmeyer acted beyond what is expected of civilians and could have placed his own life in danger at a horrific crime scene.” The fact that he immediately went outside without knowing whether the shooter was still on the scene and began to work to save the wounded man was a “credit to the man and was greatly appreciated by the department.”